Achieving Breeding Condition in Glosters

“Breeding condition is achieved by controlling the environment in which the Gloster Fancy Canary is housed and the lengthening of the natural or un-natural daylight hours”. This statement or definition says it all.

By correct housing which is not overcrowded, the conditions are clean and the birds are given a balanced diet which is supplemented by the increased use of eggfood, you will achieve breeding condition.

As the daylight hours increase the birds natural instincts will be to reproduce. This will only be suppressed if the Gloster Canary is out of condition, ie, unhealthy. Poor health can be arrived at in four ways.

1. The genetic make up of the creature which will decide its life span or state of health. This is uncontrollable by the fancier in many respects, however by breeding from strong healthy stock you should breed a sound stud if weaklings are weeded out.

2. Poor conditions lead to a break down in health and this will reduce the Glosters ability to reproduce.

3. An unbalanced diet which is neither sufficient in vital minerals and trace elements or proteins will stem the reproductive capabilities of the canary.

4. Insufficient light and warmth will reduce the urge to reproduce. The opposite will bring the canary into a forward position if the other conditions are right. As always no secret formulae is required for breeding condition, just good basic animal husbandry.

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