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Although there are some major differences in breeding canaries vs. finches, there are also some similarities and common sense things that need to be done in order for your pair to successfully raise their young. The links above will take you to pages with more specific details. Below is an outline to get you started.

DIET: A good diet, right from the start, is essential. It does not start the day before you decide to breed your pair. A good diet, along with exercise, decreases the chances of egg-binding and possibly losing your hen. We’ve also noticed that our pairs seem to be more eager to be good parents. Fortunately, we have not been plagued by parents who either refuse to feed or throw chicks from the nest.

PRIVACY: Moving your birds to a room where they will have quiet days with no loud noises, people rushing past, or curious children with their noses against the bars, will make it much easier for your birds to concentrate on the business at hand. It’s also a good idea to start talking to them even before entering the room in order to let them know you are coming – it creates less stress for the pair. We have never found that leaving them alone completely is a good idea, because when we do finally enter the room, even with a warning that we are coming, their fright/flight response kicks in and they panic. So we have made it a habit to sit with them quietly and read a book, listen to music and talk softly to them so they are used to our presence. They go on with what they need to do and we are rewarded by being able to watch them raise their families.

It also helps to cover the side or corner of the cage where the nest is located to give the birds more privacy and to make them feel more secure. If you are in the habit of covering your birds at night, it will help to leave it draped over the nest area during the day. Plastic vines trailing on the outside of the cage over the nest area is another way to give your birds privacy.

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