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So, You Want to Breed Your Birds, Eh?

Research Your Resources No matter what you want to learn, your best resource will always be your ability to research a subject. It will be well worth your while to spend a little time developing this skill – it will prove itself invaluable, and quite probably in short order, too! When it comes to birds, even if you can’t find any books on breeding the species you’re interested in, you can still learn a lot by researching their native environment. Check out seasons, annual daylength and temperature variations, and note the extremes, both daily and seasonal. Look up what types of plants grow there, and find out which foods tend to be available, and when. Look at what other kinds of birds, animals, or insects share the environment, and as much as possible try to find out how they are known to interact with each other. Another great resource for learning about breeding your birds, is bird clubs. If you...

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