As we write the fancy in general is seeing a growing number of partnerships on the show bench. It is quite understandable to see a husband and wife or other family members forming a partnership, but what about the others who join as a partnership. The motives are mixed and fall into the following categories

1. To help one another; this can vary according to circumstances.

2. To expand through new skills introduced. (combined resources)

3. To share work load.

4. To share decisions.

All these are valid points and no.1 is perhaps the definitive answer: To help one another. In this article we will relate to partnerships where the sole aim is success on the show bench and a measured involvement within the fancy. It is perhaps reasonable to list the reason why the partnership is formed and the fundamental goals which are aimed for.


1. To increase the success rate during the combined breeding season.

2. To increase the percentage of high quality Glosters shown under one name, the partnership.

3. To form a cartel where quality young stock is not released before being viewed by the partnership.


1. To create a similar gene pool of stock.

2. To increase the number of quality Glosters.

3. To share decisions.

The above is perhaps the advantages of the partnership, but what of the disadvantages. Well, there is only one major disadvantage :

PERSONALITY CLASH. To be able to work together takes a certain discipline when some of your actions may be questioned or a decision is taken out of your hands. So how can this be overcome?.It cannot if one important aspect is missing, TRUST. Partnerships are a team game. Ask a mountain climber if they have trust in their companion and they will look at you perplexed, because the very essence of their togetherness is trust. The same applies to a partnership in the Fancy. You must have faith in the ability of the other partner. How the internal workings of the partnership are organised must be left to the individuals concerned. The distance between the partners must have a bearing on all aspects of the partnership and nearness of location must be of an advantage. The personal relationship between the partners must come into play, is it just a business relationship, is it friendship etc. All these have impact on the stability of the partnership.

SUMMARY: To summarise a partnership and define its relationship within the context of the Canary Fancy the following definition may help potential partners. The coming together of like minded individuals with similar aims and objectives in a harmonious environment, where faith in each others abilities are not questioned.

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