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Disease Prevention in Commercial Aviaries

The prevention of disease in commercial aviaries requires an understanding of how disease organisms are spread. The common ways that disease organisms enter aviaries are by people, equipment, newly introduced birds, pests and stress. DISEASE TRANSMISSION People People can spread disease to birds in aviaries by two methods; they may be directly infected or they may serve as mechanical carriers. Man may be directly infected with some disease organisms which also infect birds and shed these organisms to the birds. Examples include Candida, E. coli, Salmonella and others. Man may also simply transport disease organisms (mechanical transmission) on his footwear, clothing, hair, hands, etc. For example, if someone visits an aviary where birds are shedding Pachecos virus, Psittacosis, or another disease organism and then visits your aviary, there is a good possibility of disease transmission to your birds. To decrease the probability of disease spread to an aviary, one needs to limit visitors. For those who must enter the aviary,...

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