A Simple Feeding Routine for your Glosters

The writers have achieved successful breeding seasons and show bench success based on an uncomplicated feeding routine.

A definition of a feeding routine can be thus. “To achieve the necessary requirements to sustain the health and well being of the Gloster Canary so it reproduces and acquires the necessary fitness to enable it to be exhibited without causing stress and illness”. So what are the necessary requirements. These are basics NEEDS and additional WANTS.

A. BASIC NEEDS :- * Clean water in hygienic receptacles. * A good variety canary mixture which is 50% plain canary. * Fine grits and charcoal ,together with cuttlefish bone. * A soluble additive to supply the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

B. ADDITIONAL WANTS:- * Eggfood mixture which is offered according to the time of year. * Greens and household vegetable waste offered as and when available. (However this should not be over used, once/week) * Soaked seeds offered during the breeding season and moult. * Condition seeds offered periodically throughout the year.

THE WRITERS DO NOT USE:- * An abundance of greens during the breeding season. * Milk sops, other than for hand feeding. ie. “topping up”. * An over use of vitamin additives.

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