Christines Eggfood Recipe

6 large or jumbo eggs – hardboiled plus shell
1 cup broccoli
1 small carrot finely grated
1/2 cup nestling food (we use either Petamine or Cede)
2 tblsp. soy protein w/spirulina (from the health food store)
1 tblsp. calcium suppliment for birds
35-45 3-oz. dixie cups

We have tried making this in a blender and it doesn’t come out very good so we went back to the food processor — much easier.

We throw the carrot into the food processor first until it’s finely ground then add the broccoli and pulse a couple times until it starts to look finely chopped then add only the eggwhites because they don’t seem to want to process as easily as the yellow centers. When it looks like the eggwhites are finely chopped, then we add the yellows and everything else, giving it only a few more pulses until it looks pretty well mixed. It should be slightly crumbly.

We use a digital scale to weigh 16 grams into each dixie cup. I think that is about a heaping teaspoonful. Then we set them on a tray and put into the freezer. When they are frozen (about two to three hours), fold the sides of the cups down over the egg mixture and throw them into a ziplock baggie and keep frozen until you need to use them.

To prepare one for the birds, simply open up the cup and place in the microwave on high for about 16 seconds – your microwave may take more or less time to heat. Then we dump it out onto a small paper plate, add a few greens and serve.

Each dixie cup with one teaspoonful of egg mix is enough for one set of canary parents and babies. For canary parents with babies, we serve this three times a day and after about 10 days we cut back to twice a day, always adding lots of greens to go along with it (we serve greens four times a day to all our canaries)

For finches, we divide one dixie cup between two sets of parents and babies and feed once a day, because the finch will get other veggies also during the day and they never seem to want a second helping of eggfood.

We recommend removing any uneaten portions after three or four hours.

About the author:
Christine hails from East Tennessee and and has many years experience breeding both Finches as well as Canaries.

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