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Christines Eggfood Recipe

6 large or jumbo eggs - hardboiled plus shell 1 cup broccoli 1 small carrot finely grated 1/2 cup nestling food (we use either Petamine or Cede) 2 tblsp. soy protein w/spirulina (from the health food store) 1 tblsp. calcium suppliment for birds 35-45 3-oz. dixie cups We have tried making this in a blender and it doesn't come out very good so we went back to the food processor -- much easier. We throw the carrot into the food processor first until it's finely ground then add the broccoli and pulse a couple times until it starts to look finely chopped then add only the eggwhites because they don't seem to want to process as easily as the yellow centers. When it looks like the eggwhites are finely chopped, then we add the yellows and everything else, giving it only a few more pulses until it looks pretty well mixed. It should be slightly crumbly. We use a digital...

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Conditioning Canaries

Trying to sort out just what procedures are involved in conditioning a canary can be very confusing to a newcomer, who is still trying to assimilate all the ins and outs of keeping this sometimes rather complex species, and usually prefers to pin down each definition with terms as exact as possible. It doesn’t help matters that this word is used for entirely different actions, too! Canaries are conditioned for show; or they are conditioned for breeding. The procedure in each case is quite different, and again, often varies quite widely. Each fancier has his or her methods, often arrived at over years of trial and error, that work best for him or her; often each is firmly convinced that his or her method is the best. In fact, what works best for who, really depends on a wide variety of factors, among them what breed you’re working with, along with the personality, inheritance, and gender of the bird. Then...

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