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January 27, 2018 8:39 pm  

Hi there folks:) (not that anyone's here yet!)

Where to start? Well, I don't own any Canaries at the moment as it's been a bit tough over the years moving from farm job to the next farm job. I have bred Borders in the past, firstly way back when I was a pup and my father gave me his breeding stock that he originally brought here with us when we migrated from Holland. Those birds passed on to another breeder when I was in my late teens. Then about 10 years ago I had another crack at it but farming got in the way again. Those birds went to a good friend but unfortunately her whole aviary setup got blown away in a bad storm.

So here we are. In 4 months I finish farming for good. Just bought a house in Opotiki and budget permitting(I promised my wife a new kitchen), I'll start building my dream Canary House sometime this year.

This is the second attempt at putting together this website. First time was circa 2007. I'm guessing a few old heads that turn up here eventually will remember. Sorry for not sticking around the first time. Unfortunately "life happened".

This website is all about sharing and promoting the Canary Fancy in New Zealand as well as providing a better forum for discussions and the sharing of this great past time.

Seeing as the site is about 90% ready I thought I'd go live with it. Just need a bit of feedback and bug spotting to get it up to speed.

I'm looking forward to making some new friends on here and learning/sharing with you all!

If you find any problems with this site let me know. Feature and improvement suggestions are more that welcome also!


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