Judging Gloster Canaries is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the fancy. It enables the competent fancier to give their opinions of other fanciers Glosters while acting in an objective manner The competent judge will find the rewards of their trade satisfying, with other parts of the country visited and many new friends made. Successful exhibitors may be asked to judge at shows both at home and abroad. It is this aspect which broadens the mind and knowledge of the judge. A systematic view of the judging process is required by the judge prior to undertaking an engagement. Key points to take note of prior to judging are:-

1. Ensure there is plenty of light behind you when judging.

2. The height of the judging stand must be at a comfortable position. At major events the judges may be on their feet for a considerable time and the position and height of the judging stand is important.

3. Walk the show/birds prior to judging. This discipline allows the judge to assess the whole show and take-on-board a knowledge of the depth of quality within the classes. Do not underestimate this exercise because “getting-your-eye-in” prior to judging is important.

4. Do not hurry important decisions. Allow classes and individual birds too settle.

5. Be confident but not intense. While judging it is important to have a rapport with any fellow judge/s. This allows the final outcomes to be taken harmoniously. Other important aspects of the judges role are as follows:-

A. Work hand-in-hand with show officials, do not be aloof and dogmatic.

B. Along with the stewards you are responsible for the welfare of the exhibits under your eye. Watch for any canary showing signs of distress and take action. Whilst preparing to undertake an engagement it is vital that you familiarise yourself with the show schedule. You will need to know the specials required and the class format. Judging a major event such as the I.G.B.A. show is a great reward for any fancier. The requirements to fulfil such goals are left to your fellow fanciers to assess. A thorough grounding at smaller events and a steady progression through the show hierarchy is advisable before the countries leading shows are attempted or indeed offered. Judging is a rewarding aspect of the hobby and falls in line with other aspects such as breeding and exhibiting. It is to be enjoyed rather than becoming a chore or a stress. Enjoy judging and you will benefit from a job well done.

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