Achieving Fulfillment from your Hobby

The fulfilment of anything in life is a personal thing and the same ethos can be attributed to the Gloster Fancy. What do we want out of the fancy for personal satisfaction and what are we prepared to give back to the fancy?. These are the two fundamentals which guide the fulfilment aspect of the hobby. Everyone, we are sure, enters the fancy because they have an interest in birds in general and a liking for the Gloster Canary specifically Also, a deep in-built characteristic of man is that he is a tender of live-stock and in our urban environment we tend to keep a range of small live-stock, of which the canary is one. Fulfilment of this can be owning a single canary or having a decorative aviary and breeding birds on an ad-hoc system. However the other necessity is competition and to this end a controlled breeding environment is called for. Also the involvement within a show promoting society is advisable. As we have said fulfilment is a personal matter but for those fanciers who wish to achieve success on the show bench a great deal of careful planning needs considering. Satisfaction on the show bench can vary according to the level at which the exhibitor wishes to aspire. Being constantly successful at a high level is all about doing things professionally and always adhering to the ground rules at all times.

FURTHER AMBITIONS: Too further your ambitions within the fancy the administration side is always an opportunity to meet fellow fanciers and gain at first hand the fundamentals of the well oiled machine which this side of the fancy is. Being involved in organising a show can be very rewarding. Meeting old and gaining new friends is perhaps one of the great joys of the fancy.

When the fancier becomes established they may wish to be involved in judging shows. This can further develop their knowledge of the Gloster Fancy by viewing different Glosters on the show bench and travelling to different areas of the country. There is a variety of opportunities within the fancy and many skills to be learnt. The ambitious fancier can be involved in showing at the countries main shows, they can judge and travel in this country and abroad, as well as giving talks to clubs and writing articles for the fancy’s journals.

The Gloster Fancy is a colourful, broad church where the ambitious fancier can gain fulfilment. They can also give to their fellow fanciers their experience’s and enthusiasm, but above all they can give friendship.

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